I see Error info 01 and my throttle is not working

I see Error info 01 and my throttle is not working

Check throttle positioning. Clean throttle area. It may be stuck on something, make sure you leave some space around the throttle

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      • Throttle or display malfunction after installing mirror or accessories on the handlebar

        The mirror or the accessories are rubbing throttle's moving parts causing the issue Move these parts and create a reasonable clearance with throttle. If there is no physical contact between installed items yet the throttle or controller has issues or ...
      • Error info 1 - throttle abnormality

        -Make sure the throttle level is in ideal state and don’t apply throttle while booting up system.  - Check the cables, wire can be stretched or damaged or the three-pin throttle connector could have been damaged. -Check the 9-pin connector on the ...
      • The throttle is not working even though pedal assist is working.

        Throttle has a connection issues Check connections Throttle magnet can see interference from any nearby metal objects Try moving metal objects further away from throttle
      • 0x25 Torque signal error (related to brake/throttle/PAS)

        -usually happens when brake/throttle applied and then turning on the bike. - keep the brake/throttle/pas in ideal condition don’t apply brake or throttle and let the system completely bootup.
      • Error info 4 - torque sensor abnormality

        -Check PAS sensor on the crankshaft, as you rotate the pedals the LED should blink. -see the alignment of the disk to the sensor, the gap between sensor and disk should be 1-2mm and should maintain that distance. - look for the wire damage and dirt ...