Why should you go for a front hub motor?

Why should you go for a front hub motor?

95% of our customers choose front hub motor because it’s easy to install and maintain. Front hub motors perform better on slippery roads and even on snow. 
Compared to a rear hub motor, you’ll save the headache of visiting a bike mechanic to place in spacers and the derailleur adjustment. 
Our 350w and 500W geared hub motors are only 2.7kg and 3.3kg. There is also no gyro effect on the handling; unlike direct hub motors which are bigger and heavier. We have up to 9spd freewheels in stock. You can order us the rear wheel with the freewheel of same number of speed. (freewheel price is extra)

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      • Is it dangerous to have the motor on the front fork?

        That depends on whether you have done your due diligence.  Here are the reasons why hub motor fail, and why forks, regardless from steel or alloy, break:  1- Forcing the axle into the drop out and causing pre stress. 2- Inappropriate order or ...
      • Does your hub motor fit thru-axle forks?

        The hub motors only work with drop out frame but for thru-axle configuration you can go with a mid drive motor. 
      • Are the hub motor kits compatible with disc brakes?

        Yes. All hub motor kits have disk brake standard 6 bolt pattern mounting flange.
      • ENVO Rear Hub Motor Plate Replacement

        Step 1: Remove the Rear wheel from the frame Step 2: Remove the Cassette from the motor Step 3: Remove Jam Nut from the axle Step 4: Remove bearing retail ring and push out the plate as shown below
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        The Motor in fact is a 500W, As you can see in the LCD when you put pressure and load on the motor the number that shows on the right hand side of the display can go up to ~650W electrically Max. That means your system can easily take up to 500W ...