What’s the difference between a cheaper ebike and a more expensive ebike that goes up to $10,000?

What’s the difference between a cheaper ebike and a more expensive ebike that goes up to $10,000?

Battery cells brand, depreciation, and production date is a big deal. There is a calendar life on Li-Ion batteries; you don’t want to surprise yourself with a dead battery which costs 50% of the value after a year or so. Li-Ion battery packs can be quite cheaper and more dangerous if not being manufactured under certain standards, qualifications or inspection. There have been many catastrophic battery explosions in Canada and the US in the past years due to poor quality battery packs that have been supplied under famous brands like Panasonic. You might like to pay more for digital and display features, brand names, high end bicycle components especially for suspension mountain bikes; however the weight, durability, performance and the quality of motor/controller/battery will not vary much.

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        350W Motor provides 60Nm torque and 500W peak power, this is enough to power the bike up to 10% uphill climbing in pedal assist mode for an 80Kg rider. Don’t expect an ebike to climb fast without pedaling.  500W Motor provides 80Nm torque and 7500W ...
      • Can I use the ebike in the rain and snow?

        The system is rain proof. It’s good for rain or snow, however we advise against water jetting. Most importantly, do not park in the rain or snow.
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        There are two main reasons for this happening.  Low Charge Charge the battery and try operating the ebike once again.  LCD Display connector is loose Reconnect and check all other connections inside the controller housing
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        The most accurate way to read battery charge level is to check the voltage on the display. You can short press the power button to cycle through different data. Fully charged battery would show voltage close to 42V (it goes down for older batteries). ...
      • Power cuts out while riding and screen goes off

        Battery runs out of charge Charge the battery LCD display waterproof cable connector is loose. Re-connect and check all other connectors in the line.  Loose conductivity between battery and bracket Check connector pins for sparks or being loose. ...