Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

Not at all! Unlike traditional Nickel based batteries, Li-Ion battery has no historic effect on charge and topping up the battery after each use gives a better life condition.

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      • The battery is not charging

        Damaged charger / pins, battery cells imbalanced Check the battery voltage with a multimeter or on the display. Fully charged battery voltage should be around 54V
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        The most accurate way to read battery charge level is to check the voltage on the display. You can short press the power button to cycle through different data. Fully charged battery would show voltage close to 42V (it goes down for older batteries). ...
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        This is normal when the battery is fully drained and you connect the charger, a small spark is normal, turn off the battery and then insert the charger to the wall plug
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        Battery is already fully charged Check battery voltage anything above 41V for 36V battery and anything above 53V for 48V battery is considered fully charged. Please refer to product manual for instructions on accessing voltage values.  Charger does ...