Scooter handlebar folding clamp is loose

Scooter handlebar folding clamp is loose

If you notice a play in the folding clamp of ENVO Scooters this could be due to the clamping mechanism not engaging properly. Follow the following steps to adjust the clamp for a smoother performance.

1: Fold the handlebar and use 6mm Allen Key to loosen the clamping hook. Do not fully unfasten the screw.

2: If you can easily move the hook up and down move to the next step.

3: Use 2.5mm Allen key to move the setscrew up or down. Rotating clockwise will pivot the hook upwards and will take care of the play. If your clamping is too hard, unfasten the setscrew.

4: Fasten the 6mm bolt before clamping the folding handlebar.

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