Is there a scheduled maintenance on hub motors?

Is there a scheduled maintenance on hub motors?

No, Motors are considered maintenance free unless something happens.

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      • What maintenance is required for electric bikes?

        Usually there is no scheduled maintenance requirement for e-bikes other than simple physical protections and keeping batteries fully charged after each use.
      • What type of cassette core do rear hub motors come with?

        Here are different types of cassette. Our motor hubs have Hyper-glide cassette core which is the most flexible and common. The hub motor cassette core is for standard 7/8/9/10/11 speed cassette 34.9mm long  
      • Why should you go for a front hub motor?

        95% of our customers choose front hub motor because it’s easy to install and maintain. Front hub motors perform better on slippery roads and even on snow.  Compared to a rear hub motor, you’ll save the headache of visiting a bike mechanic to place in ...
      • Does your hub motor fit thru-axle forks?

        The hub motors only work with drop out frame but for thru-axle configuration you can go with a mid drive motor. 
      • What brand of motor do you use in the Hub motor kit?

         500W Hub motors are a customized version of MXUS XF15. 350W hub motors are an upgraded version of MXUS XF07. The motors and controllers have been redesigned and enhanced for North American standards and usage.