How to assemble accessories on ENVO Stax

How to assemble accessories on ENVO Stax


1: Slide the kickstand attachment under the chainstay and use 2 M6x20mm screw with washers to fasten it to the frame. 

Front Fender

1: Place the fender in front of the fork bridge, and use M6x10mm screw to hold it in place. Use a washer under the screw. You may have to take front wheel off for this. 
2: Align Fender stay mount to the fork, use an alen key to fasten the M5x15mm screw. Use washer under the screw. 

Rear Rack and Rear Fender

1: Use M5x10mm screws to attach fender with rack (both are integrated parts)
2: Use M5 screws to attach fender/rear rack assembly to the frame as shown below. You will have to take the rear tire off for this. 

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