Every time I restart the ebike the display clock needs re-set

Every time I restart the ebike the display clock needs re-set



In order to keep the clock working for a longer period of time after switching off the system, the display internal battery needs some time to get charge when the system is ON. This can normally happen if you ride the bike for longer periods of time alternatively you can follow below procedure:


      1.      Please find a safe empty room for this E-bike for one night, it must stay inside the house or safe place.


      2.       Charge the battery fully.


      3.       Insert the battery and turn it on.


      4.       Press the M button two times, this will take you to the display setting menu.


      5.       Please select Auto into OFF, disable the AUTO OFF function as below:



      6.       EXIT the display settings.


      7.       Make sure the PAS (pedal assist) is at level 0.


      8.       Let the bike remain ON for 72 hours or until the battery drains fully.


      9.       Charge the battery again


      10.   Turn on the display and set the clock.


This should resolve the clock reset issue.


CAUTION- Please make sure you keep It in a safe place (in a closed environment) and away from children, the display has a small battery inside which has to be charged fully. If by accident someone applies throttle the motor may get activated. Envo drives /Ebikebc will not be liable for any consequences.



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