ENVO Flex Trike Rear Axle Bearing Removal

ENVO Flex Trike Rear Axle Bearing Removal

If you notice a knocking sound coming from the rear axle of ENVO Flex Trike and have been advised by ENVO Tech team please follow the following procedure.

Step 1: Remove the Brake calipers.

Step 2: Remove the Wheel Nut. 

Step 3: Loosen the bearing stoppers and freewheel. 

Step 3: Remove Key and Bearing Spacer.

Step 4: Once the wheel is removed. The axle should look as below.

Step 5: Insert an M8-coarse Bolt into the internal threads on the axle, make sure the bolt is fully inserted into the threads and atleast 40-50mm in length.

Step 6: Hammer the bolt. Make sure not to hammer the axle directly as that may damage the shaft.

Step 7: Once the shaft is fully inserted into the axle.  Remove the bolt.

Step 8: Use the bearing puller tool to remove the bearing. (Refer to this video on instructions on how to use the tool: https://youtu.be/DHfANJi0D3o?t=10)

If you have difficulty arranging the tool on the axle, you may also use the brake caliper as the second attachment point. 

Step 9: Remove the metal spacer covering the axle (IMPORTANT!)

Step 10: Apply grease to the new bearing and insert it into the axle by light hammer. 

Step 10: To reinsert the shaft, hammer it from the other end. Make sure to place the Key, bearings stoppers on before inserting the tire onto the shaft. 

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