ENVO E35 Scooter Rear Fender Replacement

ENVO E35 Scooter Rear Fender Replacement

The handlebar locking mechanism located on rear fender may malfunction if used harshly or due to general wear and tear, this article instructs the user on how to replace the part. 

Step 1: Use M3 Allen Key to remove the rear fender bolts.

Step 2: Remove the rear wheel using 18mm wrench

Step 3: Use a cutter to remove the plastic on rear light connection, unplug the connector and remove the rear fender. 

Step 5: Replace the rear fender with the replacement fender and plug in the connector (make sure the orientation is correct where red wire and black wires are both meeting)

Step 6: Reinsert the rear wheel and torque it, make sure the locking washer is inserted correctly. 

Step 7: Torque the rear fender onto the scooter assembly. 

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