D50/ST50 Cargo Racks Installation Procedure

D50/ST50 Cargo Racks Installation Procedure

Front Rack Assembly

1: Move the wires out of the way.
2: Using 6mm Allen Key, assemble the front rack. 3x M6 bolts are needed for the assembly.

Cargo Rear Rack Assembly
To assemble the cargo rear rack, first remove the standard rear rack.

1: Remove the three bolts holding rear rack

2: Fasten the bolts on the fender in order not to loose them.

3: Install the fender stay using the provided hardware. 

4: Use the M6 bolt to fasten cushion to the cargo rear rack.

5: Use M6 bolts to secure the cargo rear rack on the seatstay.


Footpeg Installation

1: Disassemble the footpeg 

2: Assemble the footpeg holder to the frame.

3: Reassemble the footpeg leg.

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