ENVO Conversion Kit: Step-By-Step Installation & Unboxing

ENVO Conversion Kit: Step-By-Step Installation & Unboxing

0:30 Types of Batteries 0:59 What's inside controller kit? 1:47 How to unlock battery? 2:21 Installing Front Hub Motor 6:08 Installing torque arm on Front Wheel 9:26 Installing 36V17A Controller Bracket 10:58 Installing Rear Hub Motor 16:05 Installing torque arm on Rear Wheel 17:52 Installing Rear Rack with Rack Battery 24:50 Installing Controller Bag to Seat Post 26:48 Installing External Controller 31:12 Installing Display Unit 34:00 Installing Control Unit and Throttle 36:07 Installing Brake Cut-off Sensors 38:32 Wiring 36V17A Controller System 40:30 Installing PAS Sensor 45:16 Display Walkthrough

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