Can I use the ebike in the rain and snow?

Can I use the ebike in the rain and snow?

The system is rain proof. It’s good for rain or snow, however we advise against water jetting. Most importantly, do not park in the rain or snow.

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        It's going to be difficult to match a 125mm wide track with an existing mid-drive due to little chain off-set. For regular bicycle conversion ENVO have the option to replace the crank axle with a longer one, but for mid drive motor it's generally not ...
      • Can I use the e-bike at freezing temperature like -30C?

        Typically yes.  ​ The battery will warm up once it’s in use, however you will need to cover the battery to keep warm if it is left in -30C. The battery performance will drop down if the cells temperature reaches below 5 degrees Celsius.
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        There are two main reasons for this happening.  Low Charge Charge the battery and try operating the ebike once again.  LCD Display connector is loose Reconnect and check all other connections inside the controller housing
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        Derailleur not in optimal position for gear Adjust derailleur position with barrel adjuster located on the shifter
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